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We are all facing increasing pressure to do our bit for the environment. Using fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal to heat your home adds to the harmful emission of carbon dioxide – the main gas responsible for global warming. A switch to renewable fuels will help reduce overall emissions. It’s easier than you think to do your bit.

Using wood fuels such as wood pellets and heat logs to heat your home is a smart move. You will enjoy clean, effective heat as well as a clear conscience. Our raw materials are produced from managed, renewable sources to ensure sustainability of supply for future generations. On burning wood fuels, the carbon dioxide absorbed during the growth of the tree will be released to nature where it is utilised by other plants. As such, wood fuels are considered ‘carbon neutral’.

Who we are

Renewable Wood Fuels is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wood fuels offering a range of domestic heating products including Agrol Wood Pellets and Agrol Heat Logs. We are suppliers of Sweden’s largest manufacturer of refined wood fuels, supplying domestic and commercial properties for over 25 years. With a production of 500,000 tonnes of wood fuel per year, we offer quality and security of supply for customers throughout the UK.

Clean, Green & Convenient - Agrol Wood Fuels

Our Agrol Wood Pellets can be used in pellet boilers for central heating and in pellet stoves for space heating. High in energy content, our premium grade wood pellets are suitable for a range of domestic appliances. There are a number of companies in the UK who manufacture, supply and install appliances for domestic heating.

Agrol Heat Logs are a clean, efficient and convenient alternative to traditional fire wood ideal for wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves. They can also be used on open fires and in garden chimineas.

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Heat Logs are sold in packs of 12, at 10kg per pack. We will contact you to arrange delivery. You will receive your heat logs in 3 working days. See terms.

Includes VAT and delivery within our standard delivery zones. A trial pack discount is available on your first full pallet order. Please call for details.

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Trial pack Agrol (20kg) 2 packs £25.00
¼ pallet Agrol Premium (240kg) 24 packs £147.00
½ pallet Agrol Premium (480kg) 48 packs £250.00
Full pallet Agrol Premium (1050kg) 105 packs £425.00
¼ pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (240kg) 24 packs + 1 bag £149.00
½ pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (480kg) 48 packs + 2 bags £258.00
Full pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (1050kg) 105 packs + 4 bags £441.00

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