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Frequently Asked Questions

What are renewable fuels?
Fuels that originate from sources that can be renewed and will not run out, such as trees, crops, wind and water. Unlike fossil fuels whose reserves are finite.
What does Carbon Neutral mean?
Wood fuels and other forms of biomass is considered ‘carbon neutral’, in that the amount of carbon it absorbs while growing is the same as the amount it releases when burned.
Why use Agrol products?
Agrol products are carbon neutral, renewable wood fuels delivered in a clean, convenient format suitable for today’s lifestyle.
What are Agrol Wood Pellets and Heat Logs made of?
Compressed shavings and sawdust from sawmills processing timber from sustainably managed forest plantations.
Where does the timber come from in the first place?
100% virgin wood from sustainable managed forestry, mainly pine and spruce.
Are there any chemicals or gluing agents in the Agrol products?
None at all. Products are formed into Pellets and/or Heat Logs through high temperature and pressure as the raw material is extruded through a die. The natural lignin found in the wood itself acts as a binder when exposed to high temperature and moisture.
Can I burn my Agrol products in smokeless zones?
Yes, in approved appliances. Refer to your retailer or manufacturer of your appliance.
How should I store my Agrol products?
Indoors or under cover – not exposed to moisture.
Does Agrol produce a lot of ash residue?
Very little ash is produced; less than 1%.The ash produced can be recycled as a fertilizer for your garden.
Why are wood pellets considered a good fuel?
Wood pellets are increasingly financially competitive against other fossil fuels and offer several environmental benefits. Being of high density, they are easily delivered making them a convenient fuel for today’s lifestyle.
Where can I use my Agrol Wood Pellets?
Domestic: in pellet boilers for central heating and hot water or in pellet stoves for space heating. Commercial: in pellet boilers or converted systems for central heating and hot water.
What are the dimensions of Agrol Wood Pellets?
We deliver 6mm diameter pellets, with maximum length of 4 times the diameter.
How are Agrol Wood Pellets sold?
15 kg bags are sold on-line from our Web-Shop or by telephone from our Customer Sales Office on 01904471821. Individual bags can be bought from regional stockists. Commercial bulk bags or tonnage deliveries are sold from our Customer Sales Office, as above.
How are Agrol Wood Pellets delivered?
In 15kg domestic sized bags by Full Pallet (66 bags, weight 990kg), Half Pallet (30 bags, weight 450kg) and Quarter Pallet (15 bags, weight 225kg). Delivered by courier on a 3 day service.
We also deliver our wood pellets in bulk bags - 650kg, please call 01904471821 or send us an email.
Why use Agrol Heat Logs?
Agrol Heat Logs are a clean and convenient alternative to traditional wood fuels and fossil fuels such as coal. Easy to store, ready for use and supplied in recyclable plastic packaging.
Where can I use my Agrol Heat Logs?
In wood burning stoves, multi-fuel stoves, open fires and in garden chimineas.
What is the weight and size of Agrol Heat Logs?
One log is approx 15cm (L) x 10cm (H) x 6cm (W). There are 12 logs per pack. Each pack weighs approx 10kg.
How long can an Agrol Heat Log burn for?
Depends on where they are used. Approximately 45 minutes in an open fire. 1hr+ if used in an enclosed appliance such as a wood burning or multi-fuel stove where the airflow can be adjusted.
Do I have to dry my Agrol Heat Logs before use?
No, you can burn your Heat Logs straight away. Agrol Heat Logs are very dry, with less than 10% moisture content, compared to traditional firewood which can have a moisture content varying between 25-40%. Agrol Heat Logs have a clear advantage, as a dry fuel gives a clean, smoke-free and hot burn.
How do I light my Agrol Heat Logs?
In the same way as you would with traditional firewood; with the help of some paper, kindling or firelighters.
Do Agrol Heat Logs produce flames when burning?
Yes, in the same way as any other good quality wood fuel.
How are Agrol Heat Logs sold?
On-line on this website or by telephone from our Customer Sales Office on 01904471821. Individual packs can be bought from regional stockists.
Do Agrol Heat Logs produce a pleasant, wood burning smell when used?
How are Agrol Heat Logs delivered?
By Full Pallet (105 packs, weight 1050kg), Half Pallet (48 packs, weight 480kg) or Quarter Pallet (24 packs, weight 240kg). Each pack of Heat Logs contain 12 logs. Delivered by courier on a 3 day service - please call for any special requirements. Any damages must be stated on the delivery note at the time of receiving.

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