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Agrol heat logs are clean, convenient and natural alternatives to traditional fire wood, ideal for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. They can also be used in open fires as well as in garden chimineas, providing patio heating that is environmentally friendly. Sold in 10 KG Packs (12 Logs per pack), the product is conveniently packaged and easy to stack, store and handle.

Both brands of briquettes are made from pure shavings from sawmills, using 100% virgin timber from sustainably managed plantation forestry. No additives are used to make Heat Logs. The natural lignin of the wood acts as a binder.

With more than double the heat output of normal firewood logs, you can get up to 1.5 hours steady burn time from one Heat Log used in a stove.


In comparison to standard firewood logs, Heat Logs are:

  • Made to a uniform size ensuring consistent, steady heat release, clean burn with very little ash
  • Easy to store – takes up less than half the space of normal logs and tidier
  • Very Dry (less than 10% moisture compared to around 40%+)
  • Very heat efficient – up to 2-3 times more heat output and calorific value is approx. 17 mj/kg, per tonne approx. 4700 kWh
  • Outstanding Scandinavian quality
  • Security of supply
  • Delivered directly to your house/garage/shed by pallet (please call for details if your drive has an incline or is constructed of gravel or grass)

Heat Logs can be used in:

  • Wood Burning stoves
  • Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Open Fires
  • Garden Chimineas
  • Boat Stoves

Please telephone direct to order our premium Agrol brand


RWFL Waxling Firelighters are made from wood wool that has been soaked in candle wax. 100% natural product with no after smell. With an average burn time of about 10 minutes, the Waxlings are ideal for lighting up our heat logs with no need for newspaper or kindling. Each bag contains 40 Waxlings and weighs approx. 500g.

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Heat Logs are sold in packs of 12, at 10kg per pack. We will contact you to arrange delivery. You will receive your heat logs in 3 working days. See terms.

Includes VAT and delivery within our standard delivery zones. A trial pack discount is available on your first full pallet order. Please call for details.

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Trial pack Agrol (20kg) 2 packs £25.00
¼ pallet Agrol Premium (240kg) 24 packs £147.00
½ pallet Agrol Premium (480kg) 48 packs £250.00
Full pallet Agrol Premium (1050kg) 105 packs £425.00
¼ pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (240kg) 24 packs + 1 bag £149.00
½ pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (480kg) 48 packs + 2 bags £258.00
Full pallet Agrol Premium with Waxlings (1050kg) 105 packs + 4 bags £441.00

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