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Your heat logs are easy to manage. They're light, pack into a small space for storage and they leave almost no ash at all. I was amazed at how long they lasted, and how much heat they give out, compared with regular timber logs.

– J. Jacoby, Oxford

We've used Agrol heat logs for our room heater for several years now as part of our strategy of using more renewable fuels and less heating oil. When we looked into alternative fuel types Agrol was the only company to state clearly what the heat output would be. Most other companies were evasive to say the least. There's also the "feel-good" factor of using a waste product from a sustainable industry, and one which doesn't have additives.

Because of access problems to our property we get a bulk delivery to see us through the winter - the blocks stack brilliantly unlike other bags of loose logs.

They are clean to handle, very easy to light and really do keep the glass clean on the heater. There's very little residue and a clean flue and we get a cheerie fire to sit beside. We can't really ask for more. A fast, efficient and personal service from the distributor at no extra cost!

– Dr J Anderson, Co. Durham

Agrol Heat Logs are a fantastic product that we highly recommend to all our customers here at Kuggar Stoves. They are the best preformed log that we have found on the market – long lasting, loads of heat with very little ash. We also use them personally at home on our stove and wood fired cooker. Renewable Wood Fuels are a great company to deal with – friendly and reliable.

– Kugger Stoves, Cornwall

Delighted to be using Agrol wood pellets again for very clean and efficient operation of the boiler. A brief flirtation with seemingly cheaper pellets proved to be a false economy and I have no hesitation in recommending the product from RWFL, who also provide excellent, friendly service.

– J. Forrest, Somerset

I've been using Agrol heat logs for 4 years in a woodburning stove on board my canalboat, and have recommended them quite a few times to other boaters. I originally found them at a garage, where I get a few at a time, having limited storage, though once took 25 at one go.

– Mr Cadoux

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