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Wood Pellets

Enjoy Real Heat and a Clear Conscience with Agrol Wood Pellets

Agrol Wood Pellets are an effective, natural fuel for domestic and commercial heating. Our Agrol wood pellets can be used in pellet boilers for central heating and in pellet stoves for space heating. Existing solid fuel and oil boilers can also be converted to make use of wood pellets.

Agrol Wood Pellets are made from pure sawdust and shavings from sawmills, using 100% virgin timber from sustainably managed plantation forestry. No additives are used to make our pellets. The natural lignin of the wood itself acts as a binder.

We work in alliance with a number of reputable boiler and stove manufacturers and installers who can supply suitable appliances for your Agrol Wood Pellets.

Agrol Wood Pellets are sold in domestic bags by the pallet, half pallet or quarter pallet. For larger domestic boilers and commercial end users we can also supply 650 kg bulk bags.

Agrol Wood Pellets conform to Swedish SS 187120 standard and German DIN+ standard for Domestic Grade 1 pellets and are of premium quality.

Security of Supply

Renewable Wood Fuels are the sole importer of Agrol Wood Pellets manufactured by Europe’s premier pellet production company, Lantmännen Energi. Through their 9 pellet production facilities in Sweden and Europe they produce Agrol Wood Pellets suitable for a range of applications.

Renewable Wood Fuels are at the forefront of the UK Wood Pellet industry, benefiting from:

  • 25 years of technical knowledge of wood fuel production
  • 25 years of fuel supply experience in Sweden and Europe
  • Security of supply with an annual production of 500,000 tonnes

With key regional warehouses throughout the UK we assure customers of fast, efficient and reliable delivery.

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